draupnirthedwarf asked: Man, don't even respond to those trolls. As my therapist said to me when I was 11, don't let them get your goat, that's what they want. I'm sorry your people decided to remain in an 'subservient' culture where you get no real say in what happens due to population. I'm from New York, anything NYC wants, we are forced to go along with even though we don't benefit. *Salutes in solidarity*

Thanks man,

45% of people voted for change they won’t get, 55% voted in terror, and terror is what that’ll have.

Lots of brave fucking idiots anonymously sending me their slack jawed opinions. Either come off anonymous or constrain your pontificating to something you know a thing or two about, like sucking your dads’ cocks.

I still won’t want to hear about it, but at least you’ll be speaking from a place of experience.

Anonymous asked: Blad blah blah, 'no true Scotsman would have voted for a Superior group of people who were the only ones to keep Scotland relevant for the last 700 years to rule them because they outlawed our kilts' I bed you wouldnt support the Irish trying to leave, you sub-par limey.

I would support Irish independence you backwater cunt. Just like I’d shit on your face if I could conscience giving you any human warmth.

Anonymous asked: Just over half? No. There's a 10 point difference between the two. 380,000 more people. That's not even close. It seems close because most elections have multiple options and people are lucky to get 30. I don't know who you think you are to be 'disgusted' at the democratic outcome of an 85% turnout election. You had no answers. You wanted to be 'independent' but wanted someone elses currency? Wanted to join Europe without the Euro? Your side left too much uncertainty and that's why you lost.

You mean we wanted to do what other countries manage to do successfully with less resources than us? The only certainties in this referendum were that if we voted no we’d get more cuts, more inequality, more austerity and we’d never be free of those nukes. Who am I to be disgusted by the outcome? Who the fuck are you to tell me I shouldn’t be?

Anonymous asked: They voted for a 307 year success story. The idea that Scotland would be more prosperous outside the Union is pure nationalist fantasy.

Incorrect, Scotland is a net contributor to the union, we produce more than we get in return, we would have been far more successful going it alone, and we’d be living in a far more equal society.

I’m not sure if you’ve been to the places in Scotland that have been devastated by Tory (and labour) governments, but it doesn’t look like much of a success story from where I’m standing.

They voted to keep their chains.